I cannot say enough about Kami Meador and her bootcamp classes!  I signed up for the New Year challenge with a friend and to be honest was dreading the early morning workouts.   Now, 8 weeks later – I am so glad my friend talked me into it.  It is amazing how much strength I have gained, how much I have learned about nutrition and food, and most importantly how much better I FEEL inside and out!  Kami works hard to provide an exercise program that produces maximum results in short period of time and it works!  She is always prepared with new intervals, exercises and challenges and most importantly does it all with a huge smile and contagious spirit!  Thank you Kami!

I have been doing boot camp for 3 years and continue to grow in my understanding of fitness and nutrition.  Getting out of bed early all those mornings is hard, but it is great to know your workout is done for the day.  Thanks to Kami for keeping us going and introducing new challenges that make us strive to be our best.  Kami will keep you fit and help you make permanent, healthy lifestyle changes.

Kami’s boot camp is truly the best program I have found thus far for weight loss, muscle gain and overall increased health and wellness.  After two months of working with Kami, I feel as strong now at 34 after 3 children as I did when I was a competitive athlete in high school.  The combination of Kami’s knowledge regarding all facets of fitness combined with her infectious energy EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT are what get results.  What makes Kami’s boot camp most unique is the comradery that exists between boot camp participants… working out alongside a gym full of women from all over the Dayton area who are pushing themselves to their limits day after day before the sun even comes up is truly inspiring and is what keeps me coming back!

Before I started bootcamp with Kami, I couldn’t do a full sit-up, and the idea of doing “frog jumps” through the parking lot was terrifying. Now, almost a year later, I couldn’t be more thankful for those early morning sweat sessions. I’ve never felt better about the shape I’m in, and the women in my class are so motivating and inspiring. Kami always challenges you to push yourself, both mentally and physically, and attending classes in the morning is now a vital part of my day!  Thanks!

I’ve been attending boot camp for just over two years now, and I LOVE it! When I began boot camp, I had just turned 40 and was beginning to realize that I needed to increase my activity level if I wanted to be a healthy weight. I was power walking and doing pilates, but I wanted to do more. I really had a simple goal: to get in better shape and hopefully lose weight. I didn’t realize how much being a regular part of boot camp would change my life. And I certainly had no idea how much I would learn about taking care of myself through exercise, healthy food choices and positive thinking, and how this new knowledge would encourage me to make positive changes that have helped my entire family. I might be slow to change, and I guess it really does take a while to break a habit (or two), but I have finally become so much more aware of what it means to be healthy. Boot camp has empowered me to be the best “me” I can be, and for that, I am truly thankful.

I can see, every time I look in the mirror, the results of bootcamp. I can see muscles where I previously had none—arms, legs, abs—everywhere! I also feel better than I ever have because I have more energy throughout the day from getting a nice, healthy start with bootcamp. I love the challenges of bootcamp and how I can do things now that I had no chance of being able to do before I started bootcamp.

I have been going to Kami’s bootcamp class for almost four years now, and I enjoy it just as much as I did when I first began!  I appreciate how it can be tailored for all levels of fitness; I find it just as challenging now that I’m fit and a size 2 as I did when I first started and was definitely not fit and a size 16!  There is never the same class twice and so you and your muscles are never bored.  And, of course, the best thing about Kami’s class (besides Kami’s positive encouragement and motivation!) is how awesome my toned arms look in a sleeveless dress!

Boot Camp with Kami and Fusion Personal Fitness is the best gift I gave myself this year.  I am not a morning person, but have dragged myself out of bed for 9 weeks three days a week and loved every minute of it!  Kami is fun, personal, encouraging and a wonderful coach.  The exercises are challenging and the challenges and tips are extremely helpful.  Give yourself or a friend this gift now!

Fusion Personal Fitness bootcamp has been great for me.  I have really enjoyed the camaraderie and support that is fostered through trying to achieve the common goal of getting into shape.  I am learning to push myself further and further.  Kami is just the kind of tough, encouraging trainer we all need to feel like we can complete the fitness challenges ahead of us.  It’s just a great way to start the day!

Kami is supportive and extremely knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition. Her positive manner and motivating spirit help inspire you to do your best. When you enroll in boot camp, you enter a partnership for better health. I highly recommend boot camp to anyone looking to achieve that goal.

The thing I love (and hate) about early morning Bootcamp, is the early morning. I am not a morning person. But let me tell you the good things about getting up early to workout. You workout. You not just workout, but you are encouraged by an expert trainer like Kami Meador, and you are encouraged by all of the other women who have committed to getting up early and making a difference in their fitness level. And guess what, when you get up early and go to Bootcamp, you come home to start your day with more energy.  It’s worth it every morning. Thanks Kami!

The bootcamp classes are fantastic and work for people of all fitness levels. Kami is a great trainer- always encouraging you to push yourself and inspires you to do your best.  She’s also super creative.  During 8 weeks of class every session was unique! Thanks!

Kami is always positive and supportive; she is the perfect motivator! Her upbeat, motivational style spurns those in her classes to do their best. Each class contains varied, interesting, and challenging workouts. Her workouts provide stretching, cardio, and strength training opportunities for engaging the whole body. Kami’s well-designed workouts get great results – I feel stronger, more physically fit, and more confident. It’s wonderful to look back and know you can achieve more at the end of a boot camp session, that you are healthier, stronger, and therefore happier. I highly recommend Kami’s boot camp!

I enjoyed the variety of activities we did and the individual as well as the partnered games and challenges.  It seemed like we did something different each day so it was never boring and while I was definitely sore many days, no muscle group felt like it was being over worked.

I would recommend Kami as a personal trainer to anyone who needs one on one coaching and mentoring. And I would definitely recommend boot camp for anyone. Thanks so much and I am looking forward to the next session.

Kami’s Boot camp was the perfect fit for me.  I was introduced to it six weeks after I had my last child, and had a lot of work to do before going back to work.  I was used to working out, but was stuck in an exercise routine that was doing the same thing day after day.  Kami is great at mixing it up, working the entire body, rather than going back to the same routine.  Having two young kids, a full-time job, and everything else in life, the early mornings are the only time I can steal time for myself to workout.  At 5:15 AM you really need someone to push you – she does a great job.  My youngest is now almost 5 months old, thanks to Kami’s Boot camp, I am able to fit into my pre-pregnancy work suits again.

I started Kami’s boot camp with the same attitude I approached other fitness regimens: This would be something I could do simply to ensure “overweight” doesn’t turn into “obese.” After years of failed attempts at implementing a healthy lifestyle, I gave up on the idea that I could achieve that goal and instead focused on marginal gains in health. The “New Year, New You” challenge was a game-changer for me. Through tough workout sessions, mini challenges, and an intense competition on the line, I was able to focus my efforts on a well-rounded attempt to create lasting healthy habits. The mini challenges forced me to re-think my eating habits, which long had been a missing component in my efforts to affect long-term, positive change. I feel confident that after this contest concludes, I have the ability to maintain my healthy habits and continue feeling strong, energized, and confident. And like Glinda the Good Witch, Kami showed me I owned this power all along. (Although I suspect Dorothy never would have made it back to Kansas if her journey involved burpees!)

The motivation, encouragement and discipline Fusion Personal Fitness has given me over the past three months has enabled to me to not only reach my goal weight but slim down and tone up! I have not felt this great in a swimming suit since I was in my 20’s – gone are the board shorts and little skirts to hide my problems areas – this summer I have been wearing string bikinis! I was very apprehensive in the beginning – I didn’t know if I would be able to keep up with class or if I would stick to it, but 3 months later I am not only able to keep up, I feel great, have more energy and am not sore anymore after class either. I truly look forward to the class, even if they are at 6:00 am, and the ladies I have met in class are fantastic, encouraging and it’s great to be on our fitness journey together!

Kami has creative workouts to great music, but more importantly, she leads you in the right direction for results!  Her workouts are fun, challenging and creative.  I have been attending boot camp for eight months and it is life changing.  Kami always shows up with genuine enthusiasm and encouragement for all her clients whom she truly considers friends.  Thanks Kami!

Kami’s boot camp has given me a new outlook on life. The timing is great – and the level of workout is fantastic. After going through one session of Kami’s bootcamp, I started to see results that I had truly believed were not available to me anymore. Kami never pushed, but rather challenged me right where I was in my fitness, applauded my successes, and encouraged me when I was down. Kami is very ‘in the moment’ and filled with an attitude of possibility for any and all who take her classes. She is also incredibly smart and professional as well as knowledgable about fitness, nutrition and the body. Her classes run just long enough to make a big impact on my fitness, but short enough to where I can still cram all that I need to into my life.

I got my life back. After spending much of the last year trying to figure out why I was gaining week for no real reason, I learned that I had nodules on my thyroid. Although having needles stuck into your neck is scary and uncomfortable, it wasn’t nearly as frustrating or uncomfortable as carrying around extra weight. As a lifelong athlete and former trainer and coach, I thought all I needed to do was workout more and eat healthy. Not quite. After working out with trainers, sometimes putting in 5+ hours a week of cardio, watching what I ate, etc., etc., etc., nothing seemed to make a difference. Apparently I have reached that “certain age” where it isn’t quite that simple! Gaining weight and being unable to lose it despite doing everything I knew how was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life.

Kami, I don’t know how you did it, but clearly your classes have the right mix of resistance training, cardio and camaraderie for me. I really feel like I hit the jackpot! After the first couple of weeks where I thought I was going to throw up every time I showed up , I noticed a difference in how I looked but more importantly in how I feel. It is wonderful. I still have a ways to go, but thanks to you Kami, and the rest of the 6:00am ladies, I have faith that I can be fit again in no time. I know it sounds so sappy, but the last 8 weeks have made such a huge difference in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have been meeting Kami somewhere between 0515 and 0530 am for the past 10 months. There are few people whom I would rather see at that early hour. I can’t say that I really enjoy her company all that much (most of the time)…but I can say, she keeps me coming back for more.

She has helped me become stronger, more energetic, more confident, and (after finally following her advice to keep a food log) leaner! I can’t imagine not making another monthly commitment to her. At this point, my energy level, stamina, and peace of mind depend on these early morning workouts.

I’m so happy to have found her. She is a gem in our small community ofDayton. I’m her biggest fan (although at times, she makes me cringe with fear).

She is a tough cookie, hot mama, and good friend.

First time I’ve been motivated to continue with a program.  Like the group size; allows individuality, but not so focused on one-on-one.  Allowed and encourage to move at a comfortable pace.

Before I began boot camp I felt tired all day. There wasn’t enough caffeine to keep me going. Between my major responsibilities of raising three children and my weekend night shift job, I felt like I was out of steam when it came to the small things that needed to get done. The two major things that suffered from my fatigue were taking care of myself and paying attention to what I put in my mouth.  In the last year and a half I had also moved from a small community that I was active in to Oakwood where I knew not a soul. By taking that step to try working out with Kami I regained not only my stamina to keep moving all day but I found that I felt good about what I had accomplished each day. Those two major benefits also carried me through other parts of my day. I now play tennis two days a week ,take a yoga class every week, walk my kid’s home from school, take the steps at work, walk taller, keep a smile on my face and so on….Best of all is the overall calmness I feel inside. I’m back in control.

Ann and I have had Kami as our personal trainer since 2009 , about a year after my heart attack. Almost, immediately we knew that Kami and her exuberant personality was a “right” fit for us, as professional educators we were impressed with her teaching skills, as cyclists we were please to find out that she too was cyclist (As well as a runner and swimmer!) who knew how to train cyclists. As people who are very health conscious, we were delighted to observe how well Kami emanates a healthy life style. Although Kami is way too modest to boast, we will  on her behave proclaim, “Kami can talk the talk and walk the walk! “
Since mid 2011, Kami has been working with us to be physically up to meeting. the challenge of our lives, riding our bicycles across the USA. We are proud to say, “After 43 days of riding / 59 miles a day /  2,550 miles later, WE DID “IT”.!!!”
Victory was had in our basement, through hours of specific, guided instruction on Kami’s part and buckets of sweat on our part.! Obviously, judging by our accomplishment, our over all  health as well as our leg strength, core strength, and stamina all significantly improved.
To all, if you are even remotely considering some kind of physically challenging endeavor or wanting to”JUST” improve your overall heath, we say, “Hire a personal trainer!”
To anyone lucky enough to live the South Dayton, Ohio Metropolitan Area, we say,”Why not hire the best? HIRE KAMI!!””

Having just completed my first Boot Camp with Kami, I am definitely hooked!  Not many things can get me up at 4:50 in the morning, which is it ‘self a testament to the effectiveness of her workouts.  At the end of the 8 weeks, I was able to accomplish my goals for weight loss, inches lost, and feeling healthy and strong over-all.
I appreciate the fact that her workouts are well designed, varied and fun, which keeps things interesting and maximizes weight loss and muscle gaining potential.  However, what I think really motivated me was her over-all demeanor and attitude towards her
clients.   Kami is very cheerful and upbeat, and just seemed to know when I needed to be left alone and when I needed a gentle nudge to push myself harder.  I also
appreciated the fact that not only is Kami knowledgeable about exercise physiology, but nutrition as well.  I liked the accountability of turning in food and exercise logs and knowing that I could ask her questions about what I was and should be eating.   What sets Kami’s program apart from other similar ones is the fact that it is not just about exercising and weight loss, but about making life-long changes to promote a healthy life-style in general.  Because Kami has a family of her own, she was able to give practical advice on grocery shopping, meal planning, exercising with your kids, and how to translate what we were doing in class to my own family.  All in all, Boot Camp was an extremely positive experience for me and one I plan on continuing indefinitely.

I started attending Kami’s boot camp ago almost two years ago.  I was one of the original members.  I was immediately taken by how hard it was- not to mention how early!! That being said, it was the first exercise program that I ever committed to long term in my life! I loved how Kami designed each session to be full of unique activities that engaged the whole body.  I enjoyed exercising outdoors – even cooling down under the stars some mornings. I enjoyed the positive reinforcement and direction given by Kami. But most of all, in addition to the results, I truly enjoyed the camaraderie and
accountability shared between the participants. Getting out of bed before 5 AM was easier to do when you know others were waiting for you! In the fall of 2010, I was blessed to find out I was expecting my fourth child. I continued to attend Kami’s boot camp until I was in the third trimester of my pregnancy.  I was able to stay with it so long because of Kami’s guidance.  She was there to encourage me and to offer safe modifications if I needed them.  I returned to boot camp this past January. After 6 months off, it was challenging but worth every early morning alarm and sore muscle! Today with boot camp and keeping food logs, I am able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.  According to the scale, I still have a little ways to go, but more importantly I am feeling better and making healthier choices every day!  Thank you Kami!

I wanted first to thank you for your creativity and dedication to our class.  I have enjoyed bootcamp so much more than I thought I would.  The eight week challenge was beneficial for me in the nutrition category as well as the exercise.  I really stuck with the logging of the food.  I had never been able to stick to a food log previously.  It definitely makes you think about what you are putting in your body.  The other main change has been my off day workouts.  I really feel so much better after I have exercised, more energy, and therefore I have lengthened and altered my other workouts. I am incorporating many of the exercises we do during bootcamp.  I feel I have definitely gained strength especially in my upper body.  I was even able to increase the weights during bootcamp. I wish the scale would reflect a bigger change, but I do feel the difference.  Even during our vacation last week.  I missed our bootcamp so I got up early 3 times during the week at worked out at the hotel.  I really like the accountability that goes along with the commitment to the class and the challenge as well. Thanks

I started attending Kami’s Boot Camp after “winning” a session at a silent auction.  I had no idea at the time the true gift I had given myself.  Kami has taught me the importance of consistent exercise and eating right without dieting!    For the first time in years, I am getting compliments on my appearance and feel more energetic throughout the day.  I am so glad to have met Kami and had the opportunity to participate in her class.